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HTC unveils Vive virtual reality headset with 360-degree room tracking in partnership with Valve

image HTC Vive VR headset

While smartwatches may be getting a lion’s share of attention these days, virtual reality is starting to make a comeback, and in a big way. You know it’s true because smartphone manufacturers want to get in on it, and that’s exactly what HTC is doing with its just-unveiled Vive virtual reality headset.

The one thing that might make HTC stand out, though, is the partnership that HTC put together to bring this particular headset to the world. With Valve, the company behind ridiculously popular video games like Portal, Half-Life and proprietors of the Steam platform, Valve is a huge company to team up with for just about anything, including virtual reality.

As far as the Vive headset goes, it will feature 360-degree room tracking, wireless controller support, and hand movement tracking. Put all of that together and the Vive should provide a pretty immersive virtual reality experience.

HTC also confirmed that there will indeed be a developer edition of the Vive headset and that it will be released sometime in the spring of this year. The consumer edition will launch well towards the end of 2015.

What do you think of the Vive, or virtual reality in general?

Source: HTC

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  • sandwich

    We’re inching closer and closer towards Star Trek-esque holodecks, but we’re still lacking one major element – forcefield “treadmills” beneath your feet to make sure you stay safely in one place even though you’re running around. I guess having inertial dampeners would be necessary for that to work as well.