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HTC’s One M9 is official, offers 5-inch display, 20MP camera, Android 5.0 and more

image HTC One M9 official

While there were plenty of rumors swirling around the One M9 from HTC leading up to its official debut, the announcement is always the best part. And, HTC has finally made the One M9 official at its Mobile World Congress event, confirming what some of the latest leaks have suggested: It’s got a One (M8)-inspired body, but with a few key changes.

First and foremost, and what will make many potential owners happy, is the fact that the One M9 is running Android 5.0 Lollipop right out of the box. While not wholly unexpected, it’s still a nice addition. As far as other specifications go, the One M9 boasts a 5-inch display with a 1080p HD resolution. Under the hood there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core 810 processor clocked at 2.0GHz. There’s 3GB of RAM and a 2840mAh battery.

It’ll hold 32GB of built-in storage for owners, and offer a microSD card slot that can take cards up to 128GB.

The biggest change from the One (M8), though, is the camera system. Instead of the Duo System, the One M9 boasts a 20.7-megapixel camera on the back, with a dual LED flash to go with it. On the front of the device, there’s an UltraPixel camera.

The One M9 is running Android 5.0 Lollipop, as mentioned above, and it’s running beneath HTC’s proprietary Sense 7 user interface. The biggest change with Sense 7 appears to be the Home Widget, which will show you apps that Sense believes are pertinent to the location you’re currently in. Nothing groundbreaking there, considering the many apps in the Google Play Store that offer that functionality, but as long as it works well it should be a nice addition.

More to come. What do you think of the One M9?

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  • sandwich

    I assume the M9 has less JPEG artifacts than that picture seems to indicate… :)

    For reals though, looks like the camera sticks out a bit from the body… scratch magnet?

    Aside from that, seems a bit underwhelming. Nothing wrong per se, and certainly is nice to have the SD slot, but there’s no “killer feature” that I can see.

    • sandwich

      Also, I STILL want a 2.5″-3″ HTC One with DECENT internals – keep the same screen DPI, but just crop it smaller. It’s hard to describe, but the 2.5″-3″ form factor is really fun to use.

      • BlazeHN

        There is no real viable market for a 2.5″ phone, than will never happen.

    • Richard Yarrell

      FakeTC… M7,M8, M9, M30 all the same boring dull uneventful designs. Barf on HTC 

      • SGB101

        Lol, what’s up did Samsung finally update the sgs3 design.

      • Samdung

        Samsung just did the same thing. No more removable battery SD card support. Only thing it has going for it is the higher resolution.

    • Htc125304

      the camera is made of sapphire crystal so the only thing that with scratch it is diamond

  • Andrew

    A little bummed the branding is still as large as it is even if it is slightly skinnier. The speakers already take up so much real estate. I wasn’t looking for a transformation as much as still the subtle tweaking like full glass front. Although the camera system and software seem like an improvement but I enjoy my m8 so it doesn’t look like I’ll be in as much of a rush to upgrade this time around once lollipop finally hits.

    • SGB101

      I liked the renders, where the bottom speaker was longer but spit in two and the HTC logo was in the centre.

      They could of mirrored the bottom speaker and put the camera and sensor in the centre to match.

      O well, at least I won’t feel like my m8 is old as it looks all but identical to normal folk.

  • eslam

    Big disappointment, The specs are less than other premium Flagships except for the camera. I had the one X, now I have HTC one M7, which looks like the m8 which I skipped to wait for the M9 on the hope that they would refine the design, not a revolution but a few evolutionary enhancements. after waiting a year, I can say that it was not worth the wait and I will go to another brand.

  • Joe in Oklahoma

    Looks like the M9 plus the Grip fitness band make a great combination.

  • Rose

    I have had every EVO and the HTC One M7 and now I Have the HTC One M8 and I am looking forward to the M9. I love HTC and Sense.

  • Matt

    It looks interesting…. but I’m concerned about that paltry 2800mAh battery. They should have tried to squeeze in at least 3000! I am very glad they went 1080p instead of Quad HD for the display. Most people can’t tell the difference anyway AND the Quad HD totally kills battery life.

    • SGB101

      1080 is more than enough for 5″, the sgs6 is 1440 I think, which while nice, only gives a slight differece in quality only to those with great sight, and take up valuable cpu/gpu cycles and eats battery.

      In glad htc has took the Apple ‘this is good enough’ route in the res.

    • Burnd

      While I agree that more mAh is better, the M8 also had less mAh than its competitors, but definitely blew them away in battery life. I personally wouldn’t worry as the M8 already lasts more than a day in normal usage. But still, more is indeed better.