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Huawei Watch official, offers classic design with Android Wear on board

image Huawei Watch

Smartwatches are all the rage these days, so it’s no surprise when a manufacturer enters the market. Even Huawei. And now the time has come to see what Huawei can put together for a wearable that’s running Google’s Android Wear. Turns out it can look pretty nice.

The Huawei Watch is official, following plenty of rumors, and the end result is a lot nicer than many probably expected. As the manufacturer suggests in its own promotion for the device, this smartwatch offers a design that’s actually quite similar to old timepieces, but manages to cram plenty of Android Wear smarts inside of it for good measure.

As far as the specifications and design go, the circular casing is stainless steel and the display measures in at 1.4-inches, with an AMOLED screen at 400×400 resolution. It’s boasting sapphire glass, too. Deciding to go a little different from all the Android Wear watches out there, the Huawei Watch also features a physical button at the 2 o’clock position along the casing.

Inside, there’s a Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.2GHz, with 4GB of built-in storage and 512MB of RAM. There are plenty of sensors, too, including a heart rate monitor, barometer and a motion sensor.

Huawei says its watch will launch in over 20 different countries across the globe, including the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada and more. However, the company’s not prepared to divulge the exact launch plans just yet, including when the watch will be available in those countries, and just how much it will cost.

Based on what you’ve seen and the specs, how much do you think Huawei is going to charge for it?

Via: Android Central

Source: Pocket-Lint

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  • Diegito

    Looks great… if they price it aggressively around $ will sell well.

  • Subx

    Looks interesting!