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Instagram introduces Layout to create your own photo collage

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Instagram has announced Layout, its solution to the myriads of people using third-party apps to combine multiple photos into a single image. While Instagram has blossomed into a flourishing social network, the company has been cautious about adding new features to the app. That caution has led to a very refined app, but it’s also left problems sitting unsolved for great lengths of time. One of those is about to be solved with Layout, Instagram’s latest app.

Layout allows users to combine multiple photos into a single image, a missing feature that has led to a multitude of third-party apps such as PicStitch and InstaCollage. Previously, users had to create a collage in a separate app before then exporting it into Instagram. Layout allows users to do that very thing, in addition to other creative options.

Layout offers a diverse selection of custom layouts into which you can drag and drop photos, zoom in and out and adjust sizes to create the perfect layout. You can also flip, rotate and mirror photos for a variety of different effects. To make it easier to create a collage of, say, you and a friend, Layout offers a photo selection option that shows you only photos that have faces in them.

One final feature of Layout is Photo Booth, which makes it easy to create a layout on the fly. Simply tap the Photo Booth button and a countdown will appear, at which point you can take multiple photos that will be combined into a layout in real time. If you’re not happy with how it all ended up, you can easily edit the layout to your heart’s content.

Instagram is currently launching Layout for iOS only. The company says that Android support will arrive in the coming months.

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