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iOS compatibility code found in Android Wear

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Android may dominate the smartphone market, but Apple still holds a big share. And the fact that Android Wear is exclusive to Android doesn’t help the smartwatch industry, as Google and its manufacturers are losing out on significant amounts of sales. With the Apple Watch being overly expensive, people would definitely buy a cheaper Android Wear watch for use with their iPhones.

However, iOS support might be coming to Android Wear. Inside the Android Wear 4.4W firmware, someone found a class name of “AncsHandler.” ANCS is Apple Notification Center Service, which is what would be used to push notifications to a wearable.

Some specks of support are already there, though working support might be far away. Until Google officially announces support for iOS devices, don’t get too excited. But we’re hoping it’s soon, as it would boost adoption and invite a lot more developers to make cool apps for Android Wear. And more success for our favorite wearable platform is always a good thing!

Via: Phandroid

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