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LG G3 now comes with VR accessory at select US retailers

image LG Google Cardboard VR

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve been paying attention and I award you five Internet points. (Warning: Internet points not redeemable for currency in this or any dimension.) We first brought this to your attention back in February, but at the time LG only indicated that the offer would go into effect some time near the end of February. *checks calendar* So oops on that one, I guess.

Anyway, today LG has announced that they are double sure that the deal is kicking in this time and select US retailers will be providing you with a free plastic version of Google Cardboard that is custom made for the LG G3 when you buy the phone. You will also receive a QR code that will net you a free download of some VR gaming content. We are following up for a list of the select retailers carrying this deal and will update when we have it.

No word on how existing G3 owners might be able to purchase this gear, but they are running a contest on Facebook giving away 1,300 of the VR units, so if you own a G3 and have a Facebook account, then head on over there and give it a shot.

I doubt this is going to be enough to tip the scales for anyone to pick up a G3, but I always like seeing companies throw some freebies in with their phones these days. Anyone thinking of buying a G3 now that almost all of them have been updated to Lollipop, or is the G4 too close?

Source: LG

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