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Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Android


Microsoft is bringing its virtual assistant, Cortana, to Android. The news comes as part of a report from Reuters that also revealed Microsoft’s efforts to create a more advanced version of Cortana based on artificial intelligence. The initiative is reportedly called Einstein and focuses on being able to read and understand email and other messages at a high rate of speed.

Some of that functionality is already in place. Google has integrated similar functionality into Google Now and Inbox, at least to an extent. While Google Now is able to do some prediction, it’s very limited in its scope and is more than occasionally inaccurate. Einstein aims to greatly improve accuracy, range and speed, creating a much more powerful digital assistant.

Einstein will roll out later this year. Microsoft is currently integrating Cortana into Windows 10, and the launch of that will likely correspond with the launch of Cortana and iOS on Android.

Source: Reuters

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  • Captain McAwesome

    Microsoft keeps getting better and better and better each day. They went from a very closed company to a very collaborative one, releasing great products for all platforms.

    Can’t wait to get back from Android to Windows Phone. Later this year maybe.