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Moto Maker picks up a new red leather option for Moto X


Some were concerned that the Lenovo purchase of Motorola might spell the end for Moto Maker, but as we see ever more options appearing that seems like an unfounded worry.

The newest option for the Moto X is a deep red leather that I’m a bit jealous of, despite my continued love for my cognac leather-backed Moto X. I’m a bit surprised to not see more of the leather options from the Moto X line carry over to the Moto 360 bands, but perhaps that will come with the next generation of the 360.

Regardless, I’m pleased to see Motorola continue to expand the Moto Maker options, as it is one of the many features that is setting them apart right now and one that I have personally made use of for both my original and my 2014 Moto X.

Are you a fan of Moto Maker? Is there another option you would like to see them add in the future?

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