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Olio introduces the Model One smartwatch for $595

Olio Model One

A new company called Olio is introducing its first smartwatch, the Model One. With the smartwatch market expanding rapidly, Olio is a company that’s creating its own smartwatch that’s compatible with both iOS and Android 4.3 and up. Olio itself is a company that’s steeped in a long history of product design, with CEO Steve Jacobs having been employed by Apple, Google and Beats, among others.

The Model One runs a proprietary OS that centers around watch faces that are each customized for the moment. It uses a technology called Olio Assist, which is essentially an intelligent digital concierge. It learns your preferences and looks at your current situation and designs a watch face based on that. Of course, the Model One can also handle incoming notifications and messages from your phone, giving it the same features as most other smartwatches.

Olio has constructed the Model One from 316L stainless steel, which is hand finished and accented. The display and rear of the device use ion-exchange glass for increased strength and scratch resistance. Don’t worry about water, either, as the Model One is waterproof. The watch itself is as strong as it is beautiful, even if it does include a bezel around the display. As an added benefit, the watch uses wireless charging and comes with either a leather or steel band.

Olio is crafting 500 stainless steel models for $595 each. There will also be 500 black steel models that will sell for $745. Units will begin to ship this summer and there’s no word on whether or not the company will create more Model Ones.

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Source: Olio

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