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OnePlus is teasing a new gaming device

OnePlus Gaming

OnePlus, the maker of the popular OnePlus One, has begun teasing for a new gaming related device. Since the launch of the OnePlus One, the company hasn’t released any smartphones or branched out to other devices such as tablets and smartwatches. Rather, it’s focused on accessories for the OnePlus One, such as the remarkably cheap and powerful Power Bank that recently launched.

This tease is likely pointing to a new gaming accessory for the OnePlus One. One of the pictures shows a pair of hands holding an invisible object, much in the same way that a person would hold a traditional gaming controller. This is a likely option for OnePlus’s new accessory. There is, however, a OnePlus logo that appears to have been drawn using a stylus of some sort, which is also a possibility. In any case, we’ll know more in April, as that’s when OnePlus is announcing the new product.

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