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OnePlus One price increase coming to Europe on March 25


OnePlus recently announced that it’ll begin pushing Android 5.0 to the OnePlus One by the end of March. Today the company announced something else that’s coming before the end of March, but this piece of news isn’t quite as exciting.

On March 25, the price of the OnePlus One will increase in Europe. Pricing is currently set at €269 for the 16GB Silk White model and €299 for the 64GB Sandstone Black variant, but once March 25 rolls around, those prices will increase to €299 and €349, respectively. OnePlus says that the prices of its accessories will remain the same.

OnePlus explains that it’s always sold the One at “razor-thin margins” in an effort to “give the most value” to its consumers. However, the dropping value of the euro caused those margins to drop to zero. Now OnePlus is losing money on every One that it sells in Europe, so it’s decided that it must raise the price of its flagship Android smartphone.

This decision isn’t exactly something to be happy about, but given OnePlus’s size and the fact that the One is its only smartphone, it’s understandable. The good news is that Europeans still have several days to buy the One at its original price, and they’ll have a Lollipop update sent to them shortly after buying their phone.

Source: OnePlus

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