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OnePlus won’t make its release date for OxygenOS


OnePlus has announced that it will not be releasing its custom ROM, OxygenOS, as it had planned to do today. The company announced OxygenOS in January and had planned to have it finished and released by today, March 27. Unfortunately, the day has come and OnePlus has decided that OxygenOS isn’t quite up to their standards for release and there will be a delay in release time. No specified date was given as to when OxygenOS will be released, but OnePlus has promised to provide daily updates on the progress of the project.

The delay isn’t caused by problems with OxygenOS, as OnePlus reports that its own employees are currently using it. Rather, the company wants to make sure that OxygenOS passes Google certification, is all set for future OTA updates and that it is available in different languages. While the wait may frustrate some, it seems well worth it for a better operating system.

Additionally, OnePlus commented on the CM12 Lollipop update. The company says that while it doesn’t have control over Cyanogen’s progress, it’s been working hard to help test and get CM12 ready. Still no word on when that will be released.

Source: OnePlus

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