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OpenTable enables payment service on Android, now you can dine and dash legally


Most of you are probably familiar with OpenTable, the service that allows you to book reservations at restaurants without the hassle of calling or dealing with questionable restaurant websites. A little more than a year ago they added the ability to pay for your meal and avoid waiting for the bill or taking out your credit card, but unfortunately it was iOS only at the time. (Apologies for the iPhone images at the top, they haven’t made screenshots of this functionality on the Android app available yet.)

Well the payment service, logically called “Pay with OpenTable,” is now available in the OpenTable app for Android users to enjoy as well. The service is still only supported in about 22 cities, so check the list at this link to see if you have a restaurant in your area offering the service before you go charging off to try it out.

The feature is dead simple to use: just book through OpenTable, and once you are done with your meal, you launch the app again and you can view the check and pay it immediately. At that point you can hit the road and your receipt will be sent to you via email.

There are no additional charges for using the app versus traditional payment methods, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot. Sadly, there is nothing in my area, so I’ll have to live vicariously through one of you taking this for a spin and reporting back here.

Would you use this service if it were available at restaurants that you frequent?

Source: OpenTable - Google Play

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