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Pebble Time now most funded Kickstarter in history; over 70,000 watches sold


It was clear within hours of the project’s launch that this was an inevitability, but today Pebble Time has become the most funded Kickstarter in the history of the site.

Though funding has understandably slowed over the last few days, the project was still edging up slowly toward the record held by the Coolest Cooler ($13,285,226). And with the announcement of Pebble Time Steel and smartstraps this morning, they have quickly claimed the top spot and will soon surpass $14 million in funding.

While many have been dismissive of the efforts of Pebble given their less sophisticated hardware and the sheer size of the companies that they are up against in the wearable market, it is clear that their vision is resonating with a segment of the market given that they have now sold over 70,000 watches in 7 days.

With 24 days to go on the Pebble Time project, it is hard to know how high they will go with it. They have proven themselves to be quite adept at marketing through Kickstarter, but it seems unlikely that they have another ace up their sleeve like the Pebble Time Steel and smartstraps to boost sales again.

Did any of you back Pebble Time today or did today’s announcements at least have you considering it?

Source: Kickstarter

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