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Possible image of second gen Moto 360 reveals two sizes and a new look


Thanks to Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, we may have an early look at the next generation Moto 360. The image below was posted to his Weibo account and quickly removed, but not quickly enough. That would certainly give one the impression that this wasn’t a deliberate act. However, we are just a day past the anniversary of the original Moto 360 reveal, and so it feels like this may not have been completely accidental.


Regardless of the motivation, we have a small glimpse into what we can expect from the follow up to the Moto 360. The most notable changes are the addition of the lugs to the body of the watch — no longer will the strap disappear under the watch — and the lone button has been shifted a few mm up on the device from its centered position on the original.

Also worth noting is the fact that there are clearly two different sizes this time around. Presumably the larger of the two is similar to the existing Moto 360, and the second will accommodate those with smaller wrists, a segment that has been largely ignored by Android Wear devices to date.

One trait that seems to have carried over from the original, along with the circular screen, is the so called “flat tire.” Whether this is merely a result of using existing screen tech in the prototypes, or if there will be a change closer to the actual release, we don’t know. While I don’t find that it bothers me day to day, I would be surprised to see Motorola redesign the watch case as they have here and yet keep that in.

Beyond those features, the rest of the line appears to be the same. We have the same three colors for the watch casing and a bevy of strap options, presumably pointing to Moto Maker sticking around for the second generation of Moto 360.

What do you think of the changes? The Moto 360 was widely regarded as the best looking of the 2014 crop of Android Wear devices, but will this new design hold up to all of the new competition?

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Source: Hellomotohk

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