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Samsung says Galaxy S6 pre-orders are ‘pouring in,’ new wearable coming

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It seems like most people are pretty happy with the direction Samsung is heading in with the new Galaxy S6. With a far more premium construction and less bloat to slow things down, the device has had a lot of praise heaped on it. However, with no removable battery or external storage, a lot of purists have expressed frustration with the GS6.

But it looks like most folk are loving it. According to Samsung’s president of IT and mobile communications division, Shin Jong-kyun, pre-orders for the device are “pouring in,” and stock prices are rising and are expected to continue to rise. It looks like the device will be a big success and might turn Samsung’s fortune around, as the company has been in a slight decline lately.

He also explains Samsung’s lack of wearables at MWC 2015, saying that the company is focusing on the flagship smartphone, as they should. Wearables are taking a backseat at the moment, but we should expect to see a “new superior wearable” soon. Despite Samsung being one of the first to the wearable game, it hasn’t been one of the best so I’m excited to see what it can come up with.

Source: Business Korea

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  • Dirty Budha

    “…no removable battery or external…”
    While I LOVE my Note 3 and prefer the Note series, these 2 reasons are enough for me to say “no” to either S6.

    I WILL be curious to see which, the S6 or S6 Edge, sells more.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I applaud Samsung the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are elegant in design and performance is definitely TOP NOTCH something the HTC M9, or LG Gflex 2 won’t compare.

      I enjoy Galaxy Note products and that will never change my Note 3 and Note4 and GearS is definitely boss but I will be buying the Galaxy S6 Edge after May 1st on T-Mobile.

      Supporting Samsung is exactly what I do and the last Galaxy product I had was the Galaxy S3 so it’s time for another Galaxy S handset.

      Everyone knows with me Samsung is technology and Android nothing else matters period.

      • TruFactz

        The Note Series are Galaxies Brosef. In fact every mid to top tier phone (some low) Sammy has produced for the last 5 years are galaxies bro. If your Note 3 and Note 4 are definitely boss then the last Galaxy device you had was the Note 3, scratch that, the Gear S or if you WERE referring to the phones, the Note 3. Proofread ya lies brotha.

        • Bart

          @TruFactz: I read your response to Richard Yarrell’s post at least 3 times. I cannot make any sense of it. Richard stated no lies so I’m baffled by what you mean.

          @Richard: I passed on the Note4. I want to get at least 2 years use from my Note3. I’m hoping the Note5 is more than a mere incremental improvement. As much as I’ve enjoyed Samsung smart-devices, I’ve got to admit that if they seal the case on the Note5, I will give serious consideration to other brands. In my mind, Samsung has become a bit cocky like Apple.

          • TruFactz

            All of samsungs phones as of the last 6 years are part of the galaxy series. They just have different divisions (Note, “S” for Smartphone, Tab, etc). He stated his last “Galaxy” was the G3 but also states his NOTE 3 & 4 was boss, which insinuates he had a note 3 and MAY currently have a Note 4. Being that the note 3 came out AFTER the S3, it is concluded that the last galaxy device he had before the N4, was the Note 3. As for your Reply in regards to sealing the Note 5, I totally agree.

  • melvin

    Great news for sammy the s6 will be a hit. I wont buy one because of that nonremovable battery but boy am i biting my lips. I will stay with my note 4 until the next note.

    • TruFactz

      Yeah I Just hope they don’t do the non removable w/the N5

  • Samesung Il

    This phone is such a flop, Galaxy S6 pooring in….

  • Defiantbeast

    I am disappointed that they lost the the removable battery and sd slot. But let’s be real samsung was one of the last oems to all do this. The trend and google itself has been pushing in this direction for some time now.

    I am glad they at least provided the base memory at 32gb,although I’m concerned that carriers in the USA may choose not to carry the 128gb. I will be picking up an S6, not sure if edge or regular yet (I would want a glass screen protector on it that I doubt will fully protect the edge)

    As far as wearables I seriously hope and pray they do a follow up to the gear fit which for me was a 100Xs better than the the gear watch.

    • TruFactz

      Generally I think the carriers will. The notes had options of 16 and 32 and the carriers chose the latter, so if not just 128 I think they will carry both

  • Laura

    Love my Note 4.

  • linda

    Everyone in my country has an iphone, so i joined and purchased an iphone 6. Its the most amazing devive ever, my older galaxy s4 was such a junk.

    • jayrrockx

      you should ask Apple to fix your Auto-Correct because it’s device not devive

  • Subx

    It happened with the One series. No removable battery, no sd slot on M7. You’ll all get over is soon as you finally realise that those features are not really needed. SD slot is a bonus though but in saying that, after 1 year with the M8 and 2 years with the M7 is still have not needed to expand outed the built in memory.

    Trust me Sammy boys, you won’t care after a while.

  • Fyou CCtimes

    Good luck with that Samsung. This phone will be a dud.

  • Mo Pho

    Listen, samsung is running to the ground… just like Nokia…just like Blackberry….

    .their major stores are closing one by one… most are not reported…
    the models of phones they launch are guaranteed Flops.. ignored…
    their own mobile division forecast is saying 2015 is going to be worse than 2014 which they loss profit by a massive,division closing 74%….
    . There are 40 million units of unsold galaxy S5 in all their warehouses globally…to cut their losses.. s5 components are used for the s6. .
    . they would rebrand it as the galaxy s6…… Buy a samsung? get a most likely to get redundant phone.regret it in 2015.. why pay for a pricey samsung when you could get a better built , more elegant SONY , HTC , LG..MOTOROLA..Iphone 6

    Galaxy s6 the last nail on samsung’s coffin…goodbye samsung!! take your atrocious built quality and horrible customer service with you…

  • steelew

    Wrong! Samsung will have its biggest year EVER! This phone appeals to iphone users and android users. This phone will be the next big thing. I’m guessing everyone will have one. This is the first time they actually made a phone for iphone converts, they will convert. The only problem is that they are launching after the new larger iphones. Get that watch out there and the new S6′s and this WILL be a hit.