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Samsung unveils the Galaxy Blade edge, the world’s first smart knife

image Samsung Galaxy Blade edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge may be an interesting device on its own thanks to its dual-edged display, but what happens when you strap a knife handle to it?

Turns out, Samsung wanted to find out, even if it is just for fun as an early April Fools’ Day joke, and just in images. The company has just unveiled the “Galaxy Blade edge,” and calls it the world’s first “smart knife.” Of course, it’s not really a knife, but instead a Galaxy S6 edge that has had one of its edges transfused with a “diamond edge blade,” which is actually retractable, too. On top of that, the Galaxy Blade edge also features a display that’s “100% water- and fire-proof,” so hypothetical users of the newest Samsung device should feel plenty safe using it anywhere in the kitchen.

image Samsung Galaxy Blade edge2

The Galaxy Blade edge also features KNOX security, which will make sure that the blade doesn’t cut any skin while it’s busy cutting up delicious food. Samsung also notes that this new kitchen accessory can cut up to 50% faster than a traditional knife, too.

image Samsung Galaxy Blade edge3

The handle is foldable, and Samsung has provided a wide range of material selection, including real “Premium Mammoth Tusk.”

This is very clearly a prank for April Fools’ Day, but for anyone wondering what the point of the Galaxy S6 edge actually is, the company making light of the questions is pretty funny.

What do you think of the Galaxy Blade edge?

Source: Android Police

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