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Samsung was right about the Snapdragon 810, HTC One M9 is proof


Remember the rumor that Samsung was having trouble with the Snapdragon 810? It was said that the Snapdragon 810 was overheating and Samsung would skip the processor to prevent that. Samsung had a different reason for the public, but it was suspected that heat was an issue. However, other OEMs still went with the Snapdragon 810.

The HTC One M9 isn’t out yet, but the site Tweakers managed to get a good comparison of a few devices under load. Looking at the above thermal photo, the One M9 runs significantly hotter than any other device compared. Under load, it went up to over 55 degrees Celsius, which is over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot enough to do some damage.

Of course, this might not be as huge of an issue as it seems. Devices rarely run at full load, so you may never see this kind of temperature. Also, the hardware and software are both pre-production, so things might change by the time the One M9 is released. But this clearly shows that the processor does have a serious issue with thermal management and that low load temps might be higher than average.

I never thought I’d say this, but Samsung may have been right in this case. Skipping the Snapdragon 810 may have been a wise move to avoid such press and possible issues down the road. We don’t want to hear of HTC devices burning people, so hopefully HTC sorts this out soon.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Tweakers

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