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Samsung will let you remove most apps from the Galaxy S6, including its own


Leading up to the launch of Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S6, there were were a lot of rumors that suggested Samsung was going to tweak the software and tone down the inclusion of apps so the device wasn’t bloated out of the box. That turned out to be true compared to previous devices, but there are still some apps present that people might not be all that fond of.

As a result, it turns out Samsung has extended an olive branch of sorts for its upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. A member of the XDA forums has found that a pre-release Galaxy S6 edge has the ability to either disable or outright uninstall many of the apps present on the handset. That means that people who aren’t a fan of Samsung’s S Voice, they can deactivate it.

This is quite the change from previous handsets, considering Samsung practically made a name for itself over the years by installing non-removable apps from its devices. If this is the case for devices that are actually available to purchase by the consumer later this year, Samsung’s change of direction will be a welcomed one.

Via: Engadget

Source: XDA Developers

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