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Softcard will be gone by March 31


Softcard was an interesting experiment formed by a few U.S. carriers to replace Google Wallet as the number one mobile payment system. Not that being number one helped Google, as it was the only one at the time. But with many deals and partnerships, Softcard was a decent service that would have been far better without the expected tight reins from the carriers.

Surprisingly, Google has purchased technology from Softcard and will be incorporating it into Google Wallet. This will also mean that Google Wallet will come pre-installed on all carrier devices. This is definitely good for Google Wallet, and I don’t know of anyone who liked Softcard so it’s great for consumers as well.

If you were a user of Softcard, your account will unfortunately be closed on March 31. To keep using mobile payments, download Google Wallet and use that instead. How many of you continue to use Softcard? Leave a comment!

Source: Softcard

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  • Dannyboy

    I liked using Softcard at places like McDonald’s and Subway with my Serve card. Those days are gone.

    • Andre

      Well, they’re not gone at all actually – now you’ll be able to use Google Wallet.