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Sprint’s Nexus 6 is getting Android 5.1 today


While Android 5.1 had been present on some Android One handsets already, Google made the update to the mobile platform official not too long ago, with wording that suggested the new software should be rolling out to some Nexus handsets sooner rather than later. As far as Sprint’s concerned, the update should be rolling out now.

The Now Network has updated its Nexus 6 support page to reflect the incoming arrival of Android 5.1 for the large handset. The new software will bump the version to LMY47D, which is the same version number as the Android 4.1 factory images that were released recently. According to Sprint, the new Android 5.1 will bring enhancements to sending MMS while in the UK, Factory Reset Protection, and a fix for a bug that was causing duplicate SMS to be sent randomly.

What’s interesting, is that Sprint’s Nexus 5 support page has also been updated, and it lists the same LMY47D software as incoming today. However, it doesn’t say that it’s Android 5.1, instead listing it as a simple Google Security Patch, with a few other tweaks behind the scenes as well.

Either way, if you have a Sprint Nexus 6 or Nexus 5, be on the lookout today for new software landing on your device.

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