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Switch to Sprint and it will reimburse all fees from your previous carrier


Switching carriers is not something people do as often as they switch phones, at least not typically. But ever since T-Mobile unveiled Un-carrier 4.0 and offered to pay the early termination fees (ETF) for those who switched to the magenta carrier, the other networks have been working hard to offer their own incentives to get people to switch to them instead.

Paying for ETFs has been the staple since then, but it looks like Sprint is going to go ahead and one-up the competition in a big way. According to the Now Network, if you switch over from any other carrier, they’ll reimburse you for all the fees associated with that switch. And that’s┬ánot just an ETF, but also any installment plan you might have on that other carrier, too.

Sprint says that means “whatever is owed,” so it appears there isn’t a ceiling to the money that Sprint will reimburse.

A customer simply has to bring their number from any other carrier, and if there’s an ETF or installment plan still associated with it, the subscriber must sign up for one of Sprint’s following plans: iPhone for Life, Sprint Easy Pay, or Sprint Lease. The subscriber can also pay full retail for a new phone when they activate a new line of service, too. Once that’s done, the customer needs to go to and upload their bill that shows the aforementioned applicable charges to be reimbursed. This must be done within 60 days of activation to count.

The subscribers will need to turn in the phones they have from their old carrier, in good working condition, and Sprint will provide the means to do that via a prepaid return kit. After that’s all said and done, the customer will get an American Express Rewards Card after the online registration, which Sprint says should arrive “within approximately 15 days” after competing the registration form.

What do you think of Sprint’s new incentive? Do you plan on making the switch?

Source: Sprint

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