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T-Mobile adds Tidal, BandCamp and MixCloud to Music Freedom


T-Mobile has quietly added three new services to Music Freedom. Music Freedom has been one of T-Mobile’s most popular (and controversial) Uncarrier moves, allowing customers to stream music without impacting their monthly data allotment through select services. Over the past few months of its existence, Music Freedom has come to cover many of the music services out there. On March 18, T-Mobile added Tidal Music, BandCamp and MixCloud to Music Freedom.

The move was done without any fanfare, which isn’t surprising considering that only three services were added. That being said, the newly added services are an important step. Both Tidal and BandCamp allow users to stream high-quality FLAC files, which consume considerably more data than standard MP3 files. By adding the services, T-Mobile is showing that it’s committed to trying to equally support all services in Music Freedom. That’s an important fact, as the controversy surrounding Music Freedom stemmed from net neutrality concerns over T-Mobile choosing which services it would support.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, get out there and get streaming. It’s on the house.

Source: TmoNews

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