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T-Mobile is bringing Data Stash to prepaid customers


T-Mobile has announced that Data Stash is coming to its prepaid customers. T-Mobile Data Stash is one of T-Mobile’s latest moves that allows you to keep your unused data and use it any time within a one-year period. To get customers started, T-Mobile will also give them 10GB of data to let them begin their Data Stash. The feature has only been available for postpaid customers, but T-Mobile prepaid customers on a qualifying Simple Choice plan can now also access Data Stash.

What is a qualifying Simple Choice plan? T-Mobile defines a qualifying plan as any plan that pays for 3GB of data or more each month. If you’re on a 1GB data plan, you unfortunately won’t be able to take advantage of Data Stash, allow that likely won’t be a problem if you use under 1GB of data per month. To take advantage of Data Stash, you don’t need to do a thing. If you’re on a qualifying plan, T-Mobile will automatically enable Data Stash for you.

Source: T-Mobile

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