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T-Mobile says that it’s ‘rewriting the rules of wireless again’ on March 18


Looks like T-Mobile’s got another big move to announce.

T-Mobile is sending out invites to an event that’s taking place at 1:00 pm ET on March 18. T-Mo teases that it’s “rewriting the rules of wireless again” and that its next announcement is “a real piece of work.”


So what might T-Mobile have planned? Well, that’s a bit of a mystery right now. There haven’t really been any leaks or rumors about big new T-Mobile promos or plans lately, so we don’t really have any clues about what John Legere and Co. have planned for March 18.

What do you think T-Mobile’s got up its sleeve for this event?

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  • bjs

    Oh boy, some creative thinkers could have a “hay day” with this one. Lets see here. T-Mobile is going to hijack the airwaves and bandwidth of all its competitors so that they finally have coverage where everyone else already does. In response, the other carriers will conspire to put a destructive worm virus in T-M’s network and bring them to their knees. The FCC will step in and slap everyone with fines, dissolve the carriers and force us all back on wireline phones. (Is this the seed for a good novel or conspiracy theory??? LOL)

  • NYC2013

    it will have something to do with international data roaming, plus adding BBM as their preferred texting services


      I think youre right. I was thinking the same thing. They want to steal as many customers as possible.

  • Bowz Dot Biz

    Google’s prefered carrier when Google starts selling wireless plans. You heard it here first :)

    • Mike Simms

      All those gigabit lines on poles and in holes freed up by Title II. You will see Google wireless in cities soon.

    • CrashX

      Nope – I heard about it when rumors of project x came out like 3years ago.

      Also its still in beta stages, Google announced that it will be testing it with afew city’s

  • soxfan05

    Best guess is its a true dual-number account option. Right now, you pay full price or close to it on both your work and personal account and the only savings is a bit of a break on the cost of the phone, which the business usually pays for, but not everyone wants the phone their boss picks for them.
    T-Mobile could offer a true one-line charge for two numbers, since you are never going to be using them both at once tying up two lines. Your business offers a credit to you for letting them tie their business phone number to your personal account. Sort of like a voucher. The voucher would be cheaper than the full cost of a line, saving the business and the customer some cash.
    Best guess is the credit will cover most or all of the voice and text costs, but not a lot of data. So maybe a $40 credit on the first line and $20 a month on the second and succeeding lines?

  • Joseph Popiel

    They’re going to add three more cell towers to their whopping US network and be able to service 13 more customers nationwide.

    • ToastyFlake

      That might have been funny a couple of years ago.

      • Joseph Popiel

        Ah, a T-Mobile cheerleader. Tell you what, drive on over to my house and see how much data you can use in my neck of the woods with your carrier.

        • itguy08

          I’ll take you places 5 minutes from here than none of the carriers work, including Verizon and AT&T.

        • ToastyFlake

          Wasn’t a t-mobile cheerleader until I decided to try it on my iPad. Coverage and data speed where I live, Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas, was so good I gladly paid the $250 termination fee on my Sprint contract and bought a new phone to use on t-mobile. My phone and tablet data speed are faster than my UVerse home internet connection and my connections are better than even my work phone, which is on Verizon.

          Maybe T-Mobile’s good coverage hasn’t reached you yet, but it seems a lot people are telling similar stories. Where’s your house? if it’s nearby, I’ll drive by and check my connection and data speed.

    • joseph idiots

      you are an idiot, go back to your verizon and shut up


    I love t mobile even though they dont have the best of coverage on the outskirts of town. My cell phone bill has never been lower.

    • ibenzawla

      Don’t worry. Its gonna be better.

  • Glen Woodfin

    I think T-Mobile will offer some of their promos to pre-paid customers since they comprise about 50% of their customer base.

    • justin MacPhee

      it may possibly be 50% of their user base(which i highly doubt) but prepaid brings in very little revenue. In the wireless industry the only thing that matters is post-paid subscribers.

      • RBBrittain

        That’s changing. Prepaid is growing…

  • Roy Generale

    Free Galaxy 5 and iPhone 6??

  • Popo Signs

    free global calling

  • R1602

    A chicken in every pot.

  • Mike Simms

    Voice+Data+text=all one rate. Like every other civilized country in the world, finally.

  • Cyberstriker

    T-mobile need better coverages in most of the United States.

    • Joseph Popiel

      Exactly. My co-worker lives 1/4 mile from a major airport and his T-Mobile barely works there. Wouldn’t you think that every carrier would have great coverage near a major airport?

      • Cyberstriker

        Yes 100%
        it’s crazy to me that T- mobile is this big corporation but they don’t have enough coverage for their consumer base, why are we buying there smartphones without better quality of services.

        • dkbnyc

          I Live in NYC and I have GREAT service! If I lived in the middle of no place, I’d use another carrier.

      • bill555

        at HNL, you can’t even get coverage. i had to use a pay phone!

    • CrashX

      I have T-Mobile and I live in Tucson, AZ – I have never had a problem – It will even work in Mexico, when I travel deep into mexico it automatically converts to Movistar a Mexican cell phone company.

      Its unlimited data and text, also you could call land lines in mexico for free – but hardly people have land lines in mexico, beside business.

      • Cyberstriker

        Go down to San Luis AZ you won’t have any network there.

        • CrashX

          Its weird you mention San Luis, my daughter is over their right now, shes in San Luis Rio Colorado – and shes on my service plan.

          The Only places that I been that I have trouble here in Arizona, is in Winkelman, AZ and when traveling to Douglas/AP, central highway 191 (and only in the middle)



  • joevsyou

    good! keep it coming, t mobile as been adding some cool features to their plans and that forces others to do the same.

  • Trader Jack Flash

    T-Mobile is focusing strengthen their prepaid subscription base with free phone offering to customers who stay on for 3 months or more. The prepaid portal including T-Mobile paid as you go, GoSmart, Univision, Ultra Mobile, Simple Mobile and MetroPCS.

  • john

    big fan of TMO, although I am not currently use them right now, but I will once I fulfill this contract.

  • Jim Jardashian

    maybe Carly Faulkes was re-hired

    • CrashX

      Carly Foulkes – I think she made TMo stronger with those pink dotted sun dresses ;-)

      • Paul

        Oh, the sun dresses!!

    • Paul

      I wish this was true as well!

  • Tommy

    Hopefully the big announcement is WiFi calling for nexus 6 :

    • Paul

      That is already guaranteed, but Google needs to release the update to turn it on.

    • expert

      I’ve always had issues (can hear me, delays, can’t hear them) with wifi calls so I stopped….anybody else?

      • Tommy

        I use it when offshore. It was pretty clear on my note 3, but horrible on the galaxy s4 I had before that.

  • Henry Bendel

    Love TMO…was an ATT customer for 12 years and because I travel a lot internationally I always had to buy international data and roaming packages, international txt message packages and then of course calling packages.

    Super expensive…and when I forgot or exceeded the allowed usage…bill blew up into the stratosphere every time.

    Throw a teenage daughter into the mix who regularly blew through the data allowance (last months at ATT she had sucked down 11 GB) …you have a recipe for some serious billing surprises.

    Fast forward to TMobile…no more overage, international inculded, and no limit on data.Price never changes.

    So much better than what I used to have. Coverage is great..I am usually in bigger cities…so really never have an issue.

  • Helen Lane

    loved Verizon coverage and speed of call connection, but hated the price. Switch to T-Mobile and I save money, but the coverage is not that great and there is a delay in call connecting. Speed or price, ummmm – I guess I will take price but have to get used to being slower. It is like comparing dial up to dsl – slow but saving money. Oh well, maybe T-Mobile is going to fix this problem some day.

    • MrWolf

      The call connection speed is not a serious issue, but the cruddy network coverage is. I wish TM had better coverage.

  • ibenzawla

    T-Mobile in DC area. Its a no brainer. Please keep your Verizon.

  • NYC2013

    I like GSM carriers, I am on T-MO since 1998, it was Omnipoint, when it became Voicestream and than T-Mobile. one of my first phone was a Bosch world phone, and than the Motorola worldphone, even in the year 2000 every pilot had a Motorola world phone. I travel a lot, so I used the BB 8230 and BB 9203. Which had already WIFI calling, I used free WIFI in hotel lobbies and Business lounges to call back the US for free. My BB worked for $20 for emails all around the world. Now I have 2 I-phones ( mine and my better half), have an extra unlimited international calling to landlines, 1 gb data at LTE and reduced speed unlimited. I pay abroad 20 cents a minute. and I pay for both phones $105 per month. I cur all my home lines, and my Vonage. plus unlimited music streaming. so the last 15 years I must have saved on average of $300 to $400 a year on T-Mo and I would not change. I never encountered a no-signal here in the US, maybe some tarmacs when the plane just landed, or only one bar, but always enough to make a call or to text. Even up in the Poconos and in the Holy Land lakes, or lake Wallenpauck. Even had reception on the ferry from Long Island to CT. But I am sure there is no connecting in some rural areas between cities

  • Mark

    I love the argument of I get crappy service but my cell bill is low. No you don’t have a low bill. You are overpaying for lousy coverage. I wouldn’t be bragging about this.

  • MrWolf

    I wish TM would spend more time fixing it’s cruddy coverage. Every time I leave the city, those bars vanish! They need to spend more money on Micro towers & cell repeaters. Re-writing the rules when your network is in need, doesn’t make sense.

    • Paul

      “…fixing it’s cruddy coverage.” = purchasing spectrum…which they are doing.

  • expert

    Love T-Mobile; had ATT for years and recently switched….great coverage and low low low bill.

  • Michael Eldridge

    who ever said talk is cheap and takes money to by wiskey was not thinking of cell phones or mini computers that what smart phones are thank you

  • name

    T-M must be getting the i-watch

  • thelep

    Seems that phone service prices will be heading lower with all the competition.
    As of now,I only pay $10/month combined for home phone and mobile phone service using a combo of magicjack and tracfone.-magicjack home phone service for $3/month
    -magicjack app for free mobile calling over WiFi on android/apple smartphones/tablets/ipod touch(I set the app to use my magicjack home phone number)The app also works on 3G/4G.Unlike other apps,you get free calls to landlines and mobile numbers.It will turn your tablet/ ipod touch/unactivated phone into a free WiFi phone.
    -limited tracfone cellular talk/text/data for $7/month for when WiFi is not available.

    I use the app on an android tracfone and tablet and get free calls wherever I have WiFi,and I get WiFi almost everywhere.The cable co I use for home internet has mobile WiFi hotspots all over my area.I hardly even use cellular minutes anymore.You can get a new LG android tracfone as low as $20 on amazon as well as a magicjack GO with 1 year of service for $50.

    Using the app for free WiFI calling not only saves you money but may cause safer driving habits by making people avoid phone use while driving as WiFi connections are only stable in a car that is not moving.

  • sprint employee

    rumor has it, t-mo bought sprint

    • Mark G

      doubt it, maybe the other way around

  • bob

    T-Mobile aquires Sprint. Announcement upcoming.

  • Paul

    I’ve been a customer for a long time and am still happy with my service and cost. I live in Dallas and my speed and coverage is awesome!! I just drive to San Antonio to visit my family and for the first time I didn’t lose my signal driving down IH35. They really have improved the coverage over the highway.

    The WiFi calling on my Note 3 helps where there is not so great coverage. It’s never been an issue for me.

    I’m glad to see that they are still improving and “shaking things up.” Magenta works great for me.

  • dkbnyc

    This will be the video streaming version of music streaming. Video streaming won’t count against your cap.

  • Mark G

    possibly a deal with dish