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The HTC One M9 will launch on April 10 in the US

HTC One M9

HTC‘s Jason Mackenzie has confirmed that the HTC One M9 will hit U.S. shores beginning on April 10. After a launch at Mobile World Congress earlier this month, the HTC One M9 now has a set release date for the U.S. While the launch date is April 10, Mackenzie said that actual carrier availability will vary, so this is likely a launch for the unlocked version¬†and¬†possibly a carrier or two, though that remains to be seen.

Additionally, Mackenzie confirmed that there will not be a Google Play edition of the HTC One M9, confirming the belief that the Google Play edition program is dead. April 10 also happens to be the global launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S6, the One M9′s biggest competitor. While it’s not launching earlier than the Galaxy S6, HTC looks to be hoping that it can at least siphon some of the flagship sales by launching on the same day.

Via: Android Central

Source: HTC

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