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The YotaPhone 2 is coming stateside, and there will be a cheaper model too

Yotaphone 2

The innovative YotaPhone 2 is coming to North America this summer. YotaPhone set the Internet abuzz when it announced its original phone, which was set apart from others by featuring an e-ink display on the back. The original model didn’t make nearly as much use of the e-ink display as it could have, but YotaPhone fixed that with the YotaPhone 2, allowing plenty of standard functions to be done on the e-ink display.

Unfortunately, the YotaPhone 2 was confined to European markets. But as part of an Indiegogo campaign beginning in April, the YotaPhone 2 will hit North America this summer. The phone will sell for about $600 and will later be available through third-party retailers in the U.S. The YotaPhone 2 is compatible with GSM networks and will be available in both black and white, with the white model coming later in the summer. Indiegogo backers will receive some sort of incentive to pre-order, though the details of the incentive haven’t been confirmed.

Additionally, YotaPhone is planning to create a cheaper YotaPhone called the YotaPhone 2c. The report comes from YotaPhone spokesperson, Mike Kelley. While the e-ink display on the back of the phone will remain the same, the internal specs and front display will be lowered to entry-level or mid-range quality in order to offer a cheaper YotaPhone that still retains the phone’s unique quality.

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