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Unannounced LG smartphone shown in newly-leaked photos


It’s time for a good ol’ smartphone mystery.

Several images of an unannounced LG smartphone have been posted to xda-developers by user s3rv1cet3ch. The device looks a lot like the LG G3, but there are a few small differences to note. For example, the rear power/lock key on this leaked phone is oval, whereas on the LG G3 it’s round. Moving down a bit, this new phone has LG’s new logo, which has a slightly-tweaked G. Finally, the front of the phone has a camera on the right side of the earpice; the G3’s front-facing camera is on the left.


One other detail about this leaked LG phone that’s worth taking note of is the little…thing poking out of the upper left corner of its backside. The source of the leak suggests that it’s a stylus and that this is the “LG G4 Note.” If you recall, the LG G3 Stylus has a pen in the same place. However, it’s also been suggested that it could be a Korean TV antenna.

Right now, the exactly identity of this device is up in the air. Whatever it is, though, it looks like LG is following HTC’s strategy of taking the design of its previous flagship, making a few small tweaks, and then releasing it as a new model.


Via: Android Central

Source: xda-developers

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