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Unannounced Oppo phone leaks out with super-thin side bezels


Following Sharp’s release of the slim-bezeled Aquos Crystal last year, it looks like another Android device maker is going to try its hand at making a nearly bezel-free phone.

Images and a video of an unannounced Oppo phone with crazy-thin side bezels have leaked. The phone is running Android beneath Oppo’s custom ColorOS and appears to have capacitive navigation buttons. There’s not much else that we can glean about the device from these photos, but an Oppo patent appears to show that the company is using a light refracting technology to make this device appear to have no side bezels.

Super-thin bezels certainly make a phone look cool because they give the illusion that you’re just using a slab of glass. That design could cause usability problems, though, because there’s nowhere for the user to rest their fingers or palms when not touching the display. We’ll be interested in trying this new Oppo device out to see how well it can reject unwanted screen touches.

Via: Engadget
Sources: Weibo, QQ

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