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You can unlock the ZTE Grand S3 with your … Eyeprint?


Every year at Mobile World Congress, we never fail to see at least a few announcements that make us do double take. Take ZTE’s announcement that the Grand S3 will be able to be unlocked with your Eyeprint. Yes, Eyeprint.

ZTE has partnered with EyeVerify to bring its “leading Eyeprint ID solution to the ZTE Grand S3. … a password-free method of unlocking the Grand S3, offering an enhanced level of privacy and security to the device.” This is how it works: when you turn the Grand S3 on, you will be prompted to scan your eyes with the front-facing camera where it will verify your identity by analyzing the unique vein patterns in your eye. In the future, Eyeprint ID will work with mobile payments and other applications as well as a phone unlocking method.

For now, the Eyeprint reading Grand S3 is only available in China. No word on when or if it will come to the US.

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    Would suck if you had conjunctivitis!

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      What about the rest of the world?
      Typical, US this, US that!

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