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How to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 4


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may be the most feature-rife Android smartphone ever built, but the phone is most likely chained to your service provider’s network if you purchased it with a contract or phone payment plan.

If you want to change service providers or are planning to use your phone while traveling abroad, you will need a SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Getting a SIM unlock code for your Galaxy Note 4 is fairly simple. If you’re not tied to a contract and have paid full price for your Note 4, service providers in the U.S. will more than happy (note the sarcasm) to locate and send you the SIM unlock code for your phone. While service providers in Europe will do the same, many of them charge a fee for this service.

Fortunately, there are quite a few third-party services like Android SIM Unlock can find a Galaxy Note 4 SIM unlock code for a fee. We always recommend checking to see if your service provider will send you your unlock code for free, but services like Android SIM Unlock can be a life saver for someone who’s still tied to a contract.

SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • To locate your IMEI number, open the dialer and type #06# or go to Settings > More > About device > Status
  • Write down your IMEI number
  • Option 1:  Request your Galaxy Note 4 SIM unlock code from your service provider
    • Call your service provider’s customer service line and ask for the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    • Provide your Galaxy Note 4 IMEI number to process the unlock code request
    • Your service provider will email you the SIM unlock code for your phone in 1-3 days
  • Option 2: Purchase your Galaxy Note 4 SIM unlock code
    • Visit Android SIM Unlock (or any other third-party SIM unlock service)
    • Choose the appropriate SIM unlock tool for your specific model
    • Enter your Samsung Galaxy Note 4′s IMEI number, email and payment details
    • Android SIM Unlock will email you the SIM unlock for for your phone in 1-3 days
  • Once you have received your SIM unlock code, remove the back panel from your phone
  • Remove the battery to access the microSIM card slot
  • Replace your microSIM card with one from another service provider
  • When prompted, enter the SIM unlock code that you received
  • Enjoy your SIM-unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on any GSM network

It’s that easy. While many people will need to pay for a SIM unlock code for their Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the cost is immediately offset by not having to buy a new phone when changing service providers or by avoiding ridiculously high roaming fees with the use of an alternate provider when traveling in another country.

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