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Deal: Acer C720P with touchscreen just $179.99 at Best Buy


Google announced a number of inexpensive new Chromebooks this week, but this deal on the well respected Acer C720P is worth a second look.

The touchscreen version of the Acer C720 has frequently been featured as perhaps the best budget Chromebooks out there, and at $179.99 at Best Buy right now, it warrants your consideration. Even over on Amazon, the lowest price I could find for it in the last six months is $220, and currently it is going for around $250.

The one knock against the C720P is that it just has 2GB of RAM while¬†most Chromebooks are stepping up to 4GB (and then there’s the Pixel 2 with 8/16GB). Based on hundred of reviews, though, the 2GB is sufficient to keep C720P users happy. And if you are using this as a secondary laptop, it’ll handle your browsing and basic computing tasks just fine.

If any of you have experience with the Acer C720P, we’d love to hear it. Otherwise, hit the link below if you are interested in picking one up.

Source: Best Buy

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