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Google Wallet for Android updated with Maps integration and more

image Google Wallet

Google Wallet is more than likely going to be a very different animal later this year, but before then, Google has seen fit to update its mobile payments option with a few new features.

The most notable of new additions is integration with Google Maps, which is a long time coming. With this new integration, users will be able to look at the location of a receipt right within Wallet and see a nice blip of Maps where the receipt is from. It’s a little addition, but a huge impact for those that might need a bit more information about where a past transaction took place.

image Google Wallet Maps integration

The other new feature is the ability to look up a user’s transaction history, whether that’s by a merchant’s name, what items were purchased, or other keywords.

The Google Maps integration is a huge time saver for those that don’t want to copy and paste an address into Maps, since it will show you the location right within Wallet. Of course, being able to look up a transaction history by keyword is pretty nice, too.

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