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Huge discounts on all Moto 360 smartwatches on Amazon


Following the deal on the Champagne Gold Moto 360 yesterday, we have even more amazing deals on the Moto 360 today, with the standard leather models coming in at an all time low of $179 and the metal versions also at an all time low of $229!

While the Moto 360 remains my favorite smartwatch — and I’ve tried basically all of them — I have to caution you to remember that the second generation model is probably weeks away from an announcement. Best Buy is showing some similar price cuts on the Moto 360, pointing to this perhaps being a permanent price drop. With that said, you obviously aren’t going to see any deals this good on the new model until next year, so if spending $250 or more on a smartwatch seems crazy to you then this is your chance to own a fantastic smartwatch at a great price.

Source: Amazon: Moto 360

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