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Motorola offering a free Moto Hint with off-contract Moto X


Motorola seems to be perennially running some kind of deal on the Moto X, and the current offering that runs through April 14th includes a free Moto Hint with your off-contract Moto X purchase. The Moto Hint retails for $149.99 normally, so this is a solid deal if you had been considering the Hint.

I was actually already in the midst of testing out the Moto Hint — I neglected to do so when it was first released — and so far I have been really impressed with it. I’ll endeavor to get my full impressions out before this offer expires, but my early take is that it is an excellent device for the right user. If you are a heavy talker on your cell phone or listen to a lot of spoken word content (podcasts or audiobooks) and don’t want something huge protruding from your ear, the Moto Hint is fantastic.

My lone complaint so far when it comes to audio is that I wish it were able to go a bit louder, but when listening to podcasts through Pocket Casts, I just turn on the new “Volume Boost” feature and I’m good to go. I haven’t really noticed this volume problem on calls, so if that’s your primary use case, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Battery life is just a hair over three hours of actual use on a charge, and then you have the storage case that will recharge the Hint twice by just sliding it back in. While that wouldn’t be adequate battery life for a set of earbuds or headphones that I use for long listening sessions, it works well for the Hint, which I tend to use in short bursts while on the go and then return the Hint to its case keeping it always topped up.

As I said, I’ll have a more complete review of the Moto Hint soon, but if you have any questions just let me know in comments and I’ll address them there and perhaps more expansively in the review if necessary.

If you want to take Motorola up on the free Hint, just remember to place your Moto X order by April 14th and when you add a Moto Hint to your cart it’ll show up as free.

Source: Motorola

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