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OnePlus OxygenOS is now available for download

OnePlus One owners, your Lollipop update has finally arrived.

OnePlus today posted its own OxygenOS ROM, which is based on Android 5.0. The update is now available for manual flashing, and OnePlus has instructions on how to perform the installation on both Windows and Mac. OnePlus says that it’s working on an “easier, more automated” way to load OxygenOS onto the OnePlus One, but right now your only option is to flash it yourself.

OnePlus’s goal with OxygenOS was to utilize Google’s Material Design and offer a bloatware-free experience, and so far it looks like the company was able to stick to its goals. It did include a little of its own special sauce with OxygenOS, though. One unique feature of the OS is that you can perform gestures when the screen is off. Double-tapping the screen will wake it, drawing an O will launch the camera, drawing a V will launch the flashlight, and you can draw two lines to play music, then draw < or > to change tracks.


OnePlus has also made its Quick Settings feature customizable by letting you add, remove, and rearrange the toggles in the notification drawer. There’s a File Manager in OxygenOS, too, letting you manage all of the music, documents, and other files that you’ve got loaded onto your OnePlus One.

If you want to give OxygenOS a try for yourself, you can get the install ball rolling right here. It’s also worth noting that the OnePlus One will get a second Lollipop update option with CyanogenMod 12S, but right now it’s not known when that update will be released.

If you decide to flash OxygenOS onto your OnePlus One, don’t forget to tell us what you think of it!

Source: OnePlus blog

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