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Rumor: New details emerge on Google MVNO

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Android Police has dug into an APK uncovered as part of a Nexus 6 firmware image that was uploaded last week and found some juicy new details regarding the oft-rumored Google MVNO.

Standard grain of salt warnings apply here as, while Android Police has some assurances from a source that the original firmware is truly a leaked build from inside Google, there are no guarantees with this kind of information.

The app in question is codenamed Tycho, and by all appearances it acts like an app for most other carriers, with all account management handled within it. The only features found within that seem a bit out of the ordinary are the ability to activate service or request a new number directly from the app.

Plans are structured as per gigabyte, with rollover data carrying over to the following month. Exceeding your allotment just requires that you purchase more at the same cost. Calling and texting other numbers within the U.S. is free and international calls will come at a low rate similar to Google Voice.

Multiple lines and shared data appear to be supported by the service, but there don’t appear to be discounts for additional lines. Google may be appealing to the desire for a simple flat rate structure, and while it may not work in favor of families, there is a huge segment of the population that will likely be just fine with a straightforward plan structure.

Quickly switching devices seems to be another trick that Google’s MVNO will offer to customers, and again, this is a very friendly feature for the tech-savvy audience that would be lost on most people. One primary device will be able to offer full functionality, but secondary devices it seems will be able to function on the account simply absent the ability to call or text.

The only carriers that appear in the app are Sprint and T-Mobile, which matches up with previous rumors. There is also some limited reference to auto-switching between networks, again something that has been rumored previously, which could be critical given the less expansive footprint of these carriers versus Verizon and AT&T.

Another interesting tidbit buried in the APK is reference to device financing specifically for the Nexus 6. Android Police speculates that this could be what gave rise to the theory that only the Nexus 6 would be supported by the network. It certainly seems like a plausible explanation and hopefully indicates that other options will be possible.

Those are all the highlights. if you are interested in the rest of the nitty gritty details, then you can hit the source link below. With just over a month left until Google I/O 2015 and the leaks picking up, it’s probably a safe assumption that all will be revealed then.

As the details continue to fall into place are you getting more interested in the potential Google MVNO?

Source: Android Police

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