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Sharp has created a 5.5-inch 4K display


Sharp has announced a new display to add to its lineup, and it happens to be the highest resolution mobile display yet. The IGZO display has a size of 5.5-inches and mind-blowing 4K resolution of 2160×3840. That leaves the display with a ridiculously high PPI (pixels-per-inch) count of 806. While today’s phones are considered overkill with 1440p displays, manufacturers aren’t slowing down and are still continuing to push higher-resolution displays in the never-ending specs war.

What are the benefits of all those extra pixels? PhoneArena points out two. A 4K display can reproduce 4K content pixel-for-pixel. Unfortunately, there’s not much available for 4K content and your eyes won’t notice much of a difference to boot. Additionally, the extra pixels can be utilized in VR headsets to remove the screen door effect that comes with current displays. This is a bit more of an advantage, and has some truly practical purpose.

While Sharp has created this display, we likely won’t see it in any mobile phones soon. Processors and battery technology need to improve significantly before these kinds of pixels can be pushed. Still, this is the future, folks. Prepare your eyes for all of the pixels.

Via: PhoneArena

Source: Techblog.gr

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