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Trusted Voice unlock method now rolling out to some Android devices

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Unlocking a device has become far more secure over the years, evolving from PIN numbers to other methods, like a fingerprint. Android also offers other methods, including Trusted Place, Trusted Devices, and On-Body Detection, and now the list is growing again.

Google is now rolling out a new methodology for unlocking your Android smartphone, which the company is calling “Trusted Voice,” to some Android-based smartphones. Within the settings found in the Smart Lock settings menu, some Android users have found the aforementioned Trusted Voice option. With it activated, the user’s smartphone can be unlocked by saying, “Ok Google” while the handset is locked.

Trusted Voice works by matching to the user’s voice model, and only when the phrase “Ok Google” is spoken, but Google also states that other methods of locking a handset, like a PIN, pattern or password unlock are still more secure than this new method.

Do you plan on using this feature?

Source: Android Police

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