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Twitter revamps Quote Tweet to allow for longer tweets


After several painful years, Twitter has finally revamped its Quote Tweet feature to include what everyone has always asked for: more space. In the past few months, Twitter has made significant changes to the way that it displays articles and other content within its app. Now the company is revising its Quote Tweet feature, allowing quoted tweets to be shared separately from a new caption and freeing up 140 characters for use.

Quoting tweets has always been a great feature, but frustrated many due to Twitter’s character limit. A user could quote a tweet and be left with only five or so characters in which to express their thoughts. This change allows users the standard amount of characters in which to offer their commentary on the quoted tweet. It took a few years, Twitter, but thanks for listening.

The feature is now available on iOS and is coming soon to Android. Check out the video of Quote Tweet in action below.

Source: Twitter

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