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Twitter’s new Quote Tweet now rolling out for Android


While Android users are still waiting for Periscope to make its way to us, we are at least apparently still important enough to warrant attention for the main Twitter app’s functionality.

The new Quote Tweet feature, which embeds the quoted Tweet rather than merely duplicating the text and wasting precious characters, rolled out just over a week ago on iOS and the web and started hitting Android devices last night.

While the constrained character limit is certainly no small part of the appeal for Twitter, the ability to add any sort of meaningful commentary to a Tweet you wanted to share was rendered almost impossible in many cases, and was thus discouraging sharing and communication.

At the moment, the new functionality isn’t available on third-party clients, making for a slightly odd experience that merely shows the users comment and a link to the original Tweet. Whether third parties are going to be able to adopt the new functionality is naturally questionable as Twitter continues to try to drive users to the native apps.

The update is available in Google Play now, so grab it below to check it out.

Source: Google Play: Twitter

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