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Review: Trustlook Security & Antivirus


Unfortunately, online security and malware are real issues for many Android users. While Google has made some significant changes to Google Play including the human reviewing of submitted apps, it’s still advisable to install an app to manage your privacy and protect you from potentially scammy apps and websites just to be safe — especially if you’re sideloading apps.

Trustlook Security & Antivirus is one such app for checking your device’s security status. Certified by AV-Test.org, the free app combines antivirus scanning, data protection, memory management, web security and more to make for a comprehensive suite of services.

Open Trustlook for the first time and you’ll be asked to sign in. You don’t need an account to use the app to scan your device, but there are a number of other features that require an account in order for them to function so it’s worth setting one up.

The most prominent feature of Trustlook is its ability to scan your Android phone or tablet for viruses, malware, pirated apps, and otherwise suspicious programs. You’ll see a large button labeled “Tap to Scan” and tapping it does just that. On my LG G3 it took less than a minute to scan, but it will likely vary depending on your device and how many apps you have installed. Fortunately, my device was said to have no risks or malware. If it does find something fishy, it will flag it and you can choose to uninstall whichever app is causing a problem from within Trustlook.

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Trustlook isn’t just a malware scanner, though. On the app’s main screen, you’ll see options for Device Anti-Theft, Data Backup, Memory Boost and App Manager.

The anti-theft section protects your device in the event of it being lost or stolen and allows for the device to be remotely locked and wiped. There’s even the option for a picture of the potential thief to be taken by the front-facing camera if they fail to unlock your device three times. Within this sections there is a handy ‘Scream’ feature that sounds an alarm and activates the flashlight of your phone, helping you to find it if it is lost. Some of these features require unlocking — achieved by recommending the app to a couple of friends. A small price to pay for most people. Once enabled, you can track your devices at my.trustlook.com and activate the features remotely.

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Data Backup is a useful way to save and restore your contacts, call log and message history. If you back them up, they can easily be re-downloaded onto a new device.

Memory Boost and App Manager aim to make your phone more efficient and safer. The former allows you to stop running tasks in an effort to speed up your phone. However, I found that almost all of the processes would open again in the background straight after killing them, meaning this function wasn’t all that useful in reality. App Manager on the other had is a nifty feature. It quickly shows you all of you installed apps, their respective size, granted permissions and any risks. Here, you can uninstall apps one by one or in bulk, making it much more efficient.

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As well as all this, Trustlook also has a Privacy Advisory section to allow you to see which app has which permissions (although you can’t revoke indivudual permissions, only uninstall the apps), SD Card Scan, and Web Security to warn you of, or block, websites of a malicious or adult nature.

There’s a widget that brings some of this functionality to your homescreen — namely device scanning and Memory Boost (plus a quick access flashlight function). These enable you to utilize some of Trustlook’s features even more quickly, but the widget itself looks fairly awkward and unattractive on the homescreen.

The UI of the Trustlook app is straightforward and uncluttered. With a bit of knowledge about what you’re looking for, you can dive into the settings and tweak exactly how Trustlook works for you. But even on a basic level, Trustlook provides enough information for the majority of users to make informed decisions about the security of their devices.

Trustlook is clearly feature-packed and capable. Most users won’t need all of its functions, but I believe it is able to provide many users with the peace of mind that their device is safe. And for the low price of free, it’s worth a try.

Check out Trustlook on Google Play or head to trustlook.com for more info.

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