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HTC One M9 RAW image samples


Camera enthusiasts should be pleased that the HTC One M9 received an update that allows the phone to capture RAW images.  The One M9 can easily capture stunning pictures in well-lit situations, but things deteriorate quickly when trying to capture night or indoor shots. The HTC Camera JPG post-processing grain reduction is extremely aggressive, smudging away the details when viewing images at 100 percent. The addition of DNG RAW image support tends to fix the issue. The 38.5MB DNG files contain the raw image data without any processing. This means that the color and exposure levels of the images are different than those taken in Auto mode, but the file contains a lot of detail that is usually smudged away.

The below images show the additional detail that’s available when snapping pictures in RAW camera mode. Since the 20-megapixel sensor used in the HTC One M9 is definitely capable of capturing a lot of detail, we hope HTC’s camera engineers are able to tweak the JPG post-processing on the One M9 even further to deliver better pictures for those who don’t have the time and storage space to mess around with RAW images.

What’s your take on the HTC One M9′s camera capabilities now that it features RAW image support? Be sure to visit HTC Source for additional RAW image samples and access to the full resolution files.


JPG 100% crop


RAW 100% crop


JPG 100% crop


RAW 100% crop


JPG 100% crop


RAW 100% crop

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