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‘Android M’ referenced in Google I/O 2015 conference schedule


While Android L (Lollipop) is still making the rounds to devices, expectations for what’s next are high with Google I/O right around the corner.

Android M

Thanks to the conference scheduling of this year’s event going live, a few keen eyes took note of something quite interesting. Within the “Android at Work” conference, “Android M” is explicitly listed within the description of the conference. Specifically, it looks like the next version of Google’s mobile operating system will be focused on the workplace. Or, all the work places:

Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces.”

Unfortunately, at the time of publication, Google has pulled the reference as well as the entire Android at Work conference scheduling.

Last year, Google unveiled Android Lollipop and so it’s no surprise that the company would have another version of the mobile OS ready to get shown off this year.

Source: Android Police

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