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Android M will feature enhanced app permissions


Google has just announced Android M, with a developer preview coming soon, and it’s detailing several key areas where M will improve over previous Android versions. The first important area to see an update is app permissions, where users will now have more control over what apps have access to in a simple, unified way.

Android M’s new app permissions will break application access down into 8 categories: Location, camera, microphone, contacts, phone, SMS, calendar and sensor. Instead of forcing users into agreeing to let apps access whatever they want, apps will ask for access to these 8 categories on an as-needed basis. For example, What’s App will only ask if it can use the microphone the first time it tries to use the microphone. In Android M, you’ll be able to dive into the settings to change what kind of permissions apps have, sorted by app or permission category. As an added benefit, Android M’s new app permissions will also make updating apps easier for developers.

Updated app permissions have been sorely needed for a long time now. We can’t wait to try them out in Android M.

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