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‘Brillo’ said to be Google’s flavor of Android for the Internet of Things

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In addition to Android M and native fingerprint recognition, Google may have a new version of Android in the works for Google I/O.

Sources speaking to The Information say that Google is prepping software that’s meant to power the Internet of Things. The software is reportedly codenamed “Brillo,” but today’s report says that the final software will likely be a part of the Android brand. Brillo is expected to run on low power devices that could have as little as 64MB or 32MB of RAM.

Google has tried to get Android into the connected home with a program appropriately called [email protected], but that effort never went anywhere. Now it sounds like Google is going to take another crack at it with Brillo. While still unconfirmed, today’s leak isn’t a surprise. Not only does Google already dominate mobile, but we’ve already seen the company snatch up IoT companies like Nest and Dropcam, and so it’s likely that Google wants to make another run at the connected home now that it’s got more experience in that area.

Via: Ars Technica

Source: The Information

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