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Chrome Custom Tabs improve upon web view on Android

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Opening up a web link in a custom in-app browser is about to become a thing of the past on Android. At Google I/O 2015, Google has announced a new tool available to developers called Chrome Tabs that allows devs to leverage the power of Chrome in their apps.

Right now, when opening a web link in an app, you may see a custom browser pop up in the app, or Chrome itself may open to handle the link. With Chrome Tabs, developers will be able to use a lightweight, customizable Chrome window that sort of sticks to the top of their apps, and features all the goodies you normally get with the Chrome app including speed enhancements and saved passwords. As for how developers will be able to customize Chrome Tabs, the example from the announcement showed a Pinterest Chrome Tab with a Pin It button.

Chrome Tabs is one of Google’s ways of making Android M feel faster, with a more unified content experience across apps and devices.

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