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Deals: UE Mini Boom, Roku Streaming Stick and Fitbit Flex


We don’t inundate you with deals daily, but here’s a few solid offers out there today that caught our eye.

The UE Mini Boom is the biggest deal of the day. It’s the consensus pick for a smaller portable bluetooth speaker and available today for $69.99, which is $30 off retail and $10-15 off the typical asking price on Amazon. With 10 hours of battery life, great sound for the size and superior Bluetooth connectivity, this is a great choice for wireless music on the go.

If you haven’t bit on the Chromecast due to the lack of a remote, then the Roku Streaming Stick might be the answer for you. At $39 today, it is 20 percent off the normal price and shares the same fantastic interface as the universally-loved Roku 3, but in a much more convenient form factor.

Last up we’ve got the Fitbit Flex. It’s not one of the newest wearables around, but I was a fan when I reviewed it last year, and considering the simplicity is meant to be one of the advantages with the Flex, there actually isn’t a lot you are losing versus a simple fitness tracker. You can snag it today for $79.99 rather than the $90+ it typically commands.

Almost all of these deals represent all-time low prices for these products, so don’t worry about them becoming cheaper in a week or two.

Update: SBM_from_LA rightly pointed out in the comments that the Fitbit Flex can also be found on sale for $79.99 at Best Buy and Staples if you prefer one of those options.

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