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Nestle and Google are at it again with YouTube Break KitKat bars


Digital brands are desperately looking for a way to ground themselves in reality, and traditional brands are desperately looking for a way to seem connected and forward thinking. This is apparently what it looks like when those two things come together.

To celebrate 80 years of KitKat and 10 years of YouTube, Nestle and Google have joined together to release a limited edition repackaging of KitKat bars in the UK that say YouTube Break instead of KitKat. To coincide with the repackaging, Google has made it so that when users search for “YouTube my break” (yes, this is real) a list of top trending YouTube videos will be brought up. Pure genius.

It doesn’t look like YouTube Break bars will be coming to the US, but there are more KitKat partnerships coming in the near future. Here’s to hoping Gmail Crunch bars lie somewhere ahead in our dark, branded futures.

Source: Nestle

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