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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active shows up on Samsung Plus page

Could have used a Galaxy S6 Active here.

Calling the Galaxy S6 Active (not pictured above, but probably could have used one) a poorly kept secret is at this point an insult to poorly kept secrets.

Yesterday we saw shots of some AT&T-branded Galaxy S6 Active units in the wild, and today Samsung itself apparently forgot that they haven’t made an official announcement and went ahead and added the S6 Active to the Samsung Plus Overview page.


The page also indicates that the S6 Active was launched on April 10th, so perhaps all that is necessary is a reminder that Samsung neglected to do that, and Galaxy fans with a penchant for beating the heck out of their phones can finally get an S6 of their own.

As we mentioned yesterday, beyond its burly exterior, the S6 Active supposedly trades the fingerprint sensor for an extra 900 mAh of battery, which depending on your needs, seems likes a worthwhile exchange.

Are any of you waiting for the S6 Active to arrive or is a plain old S6 or S6 edge in a case cutting it for you?

Via: Android Central

Source: Samsung

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